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Graywater - The State of Affairs

by Doug Pushard

Graywater is gaining some traction is parts of the US. Graywater reuse can greatly reduce outdoor irrigation water use. Yet many barriers exist that will prevent it's wide spread adoption.

This webpage will track the latest graywater developments. If you have some news you know about that is not listed below, please let me know and I will add it.

Coolest graywater announcement or program that I am aware of:


Graywater is more embedded in the plumbing codes due to it effecting inside the building. All the plumbing codes touch on graywater. The Uniform Plumbing Code is the most complete of the codes in this regard - dealing with both inside and outside issues:


Various organization are offering training on graywater:


Some local jurisdictions are offering rebates on graywater systems:

Local jurisdictions are also enacting specific codes related to graywater. Some are listed below:

New technology is coming to market that may impact the use of graywater. Some of these recent announcements are below:

If you are interested in graywater, HarvestH2o offers some graywater tools and articles you might find interesting:


Please send me any updates you might run across.






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