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Did you know that your home is a potential powerhouse of rainwater catchment? How can you reduce your irrigation water use? Does graywater make sense for you?
Did you know a home of 1,000 square feet can capture over 10,000 gallons of rain a year in an area of moderate rains. This free water can be used to irrigate your garden and lawn, refill your toilets, wash your laundry and many other uses.

This FREE Site Analyzer tool report will help you determine

  • How much rainwater your home can potentially catch
  • How much stormwater lot recieves in large storms
  • How much graywater you might capture
  • Improve the efficiency of your irrigation system

It also helps you with your irrigation and water conservation efforts in general.

The HarvestH2o Site Analyzer provides a wealth of valuable information. The tool will provide how much rain is possible to harvest as well as other critical information required to properly design a rainwater catchment system. This analysis includes:

  • Amount of rain in gallons that can be collected off your roof
  • The evapotranspiration rate for your location. This is helpful when calculating how much irrigation water should used on your property
  • The monthly rainfall for your property
  • The monthly high and low temperatures for your area
  • The peak storm event rainfall that should be used when calculating tank size, pipe sizes, and drain sizes for your system.

With this information you can move forward confidently with data that ensures you can properly design your system confidently knowing you have the data to design your system for your location.

Additionally you can get access to other FREE reports (e.g. FREE Irrigation Analysis report, etc.) to help you conserve water. The HarvestH2o Site Analyzer is one step you can take to start saving water today.

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