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Harvest Rainwater With A Wooden Water Storage Tank You Build Yourself

The tank is the biggest expense of any rainwater catchment system. Many parts of a system can be installed or built by a handy Do It Yourselfer (DIY), but not the tank - until now.

With this handy guide you can build yourself a beautiful wooden cistern that with proper care will last for decades.

Not satisfied with plastic or galvanized steel water storage tanks?

Think the pre-made wooden tank kits are a little lacking in quality? You've come to the right place! Joe has written the only guide available anywhere that shows you every step involved in constructing a traditionally built wooden water tank (or cistern) that will last you for many years. With only a few common power and hand tools, you can make your own top quality, traditionally built wooden water tank that will be a source of pride for years to come. With this cistern, you will be able to easily harvest about 3,000 gallons (or another volume - you can customize the plans!) of precious rainwater for irrigation or other uses. Unlike off-the-shelf tanks, this attractive cistern is suitable for an urban environment. Joe has spent many months assembling the information contained in this book, and sweated over every detail so you won't have to. There's even a section on expanding the design to other cistern sizes. I am even including the actual SketchUp file Joe used to design the cistern in case you would like to modify the design.

This eBook answers all those nagging questions about how to save money by building your own storage system:

  • It's packed with High Quality SketchUp Illustrations that will guide you through building your own wooden water tank.
  • It includes actual photos of the cistern being built and assembled
  • Every detail is covered so your can construct your own 3,000 gallon, or other size cistern, from selecting the lumber, to milling the parts, to assembling the cistern, to installing the piping - even the first flush diverter.
  • Also included is the actual SketchUp file Joe used to design his own 3,000 gallon wooden cistern
  • Click here to view Video of Cistern Model Assembly

Save thousands of dollars by building your own cistern and take advantage of the hundreds of hours Joe has put into this excellent resource.

Harvest Rainwater With A Wooden Water Storage Tank You Build Yourself - $19.99





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