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RainHarvest Systems Hosts Rainwater-Palooza 2009

Cumming, GA - August 31, 2009: RainHarvest Systems has partnered with 5 Seasons Brewery to produce beer made entirely from on-site captured rainwater. RainHarvest Systems, an expert in rainwater catchment systems, and 5 Seasons Restaurant and Brewery, Atlanta’s premier micro brewery, both believe this to be the first micro brewed beer to be made entirely with rainwater in the United States.

“We are extremely excited with our new partnership with 5 Seasons Brewery,” says Randy Kauk, President of RainHarvest Systems. “We believe it uniquely demonstrates the broad array of applications where rainwater can be used instead of chemically treated, drinking water; plus it is a great way to create public awareness of rainwater harvesting”, continues Randy.

As part of the partnership, 5 Seasons Brewery is creating a beer to be used by RainHarvest Systems for publicity events intended to promote awareness of rainwater catchment. The first event will occur on September 14th, 2009 at 7PM at The Decatur Square in Decatur, Georgia, during the National Conference for the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA). The ARCSA event will host rainwater vendors and public dignitaries from around the country sampling this latest brew.

Besides the ARCSA event this new rainwater beer will be served at a public event from 7PM to 10PM at The Decatur Square behind the Old Decatur Courthouse on Monday, September 14th. Live entertainment will be performed by renowned local musician Chris Roberts (more info at www.chrisrobertsmusic.com). Organic hors d'oeuvres will be provided by 5 Seasons Restaurant and Brewery. Additionally, RainHarvest Systems will be raffling a 330 gallon rain collection tank, a 1/3 HP pump and several rainwater filters. No purchase is necessary for the raffle. Proof of age over 21 is required for beer samples.

Connoisseurs who want an advance trial of the beer can find it at the 5 Seasons Westside location at 5:55 PM (as is standard for one of their inaugural batches of brew) on the same day in Atlanta. All future brews from 5 Seasons Restaurant and Brewery will be produced from rainwater, making them the premiere brewery in the United States to be based completely on captured rainwater.

About RainHarvest Systems:

RainHarvest Systems is a leading supplier of rain tanks, cisterns, filters, pumps and accessories for commercial and residential rainwater collection systems used for irrigation and other domestic purposes which reduce or eliminate the need for municipal water. The Company maintains a retail store, warehouse and rainwater collection lab near Atlanta, GA. and an e-commerce site at www.RainHarvest.com.

Telephone 770-889-2533
email: info@rainharvest.com

About 5 Seasons Restaurant and Brewery:

With 3 locations to serve customers, 5 Seasons Restaurant and Brewery specializes in high-quality food with a menu adapted to local growing seasons, paired with premium hand-crafted beer. Locations include The Prado in Sandy Springs, Old Milton Pkwy in Alpharetta and Marietta Street NW in Atlanta (Westside location).

Telephone 404-875-3232
Web site: www.5seasonsbrewing.com



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