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Rainwater Harvesting in the US: A 2010 Industry Analysis

First Ever US Rainwater Market Study Published. The report “Rainwater Harvesting in the US: A 2010 Industry Analysis” illustrates the sustained growth of the rainwater harvesting market in recent years, even with the poor economic times.

This report presents findings regarding the potential size, distribution channels, current products, manufacturers and customers within the US Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) Market.

The authors of this market study collected primary data from a survey of RWH installers throughout key states in the US and also conducted informal interviews with a number of RWH suppliers and key stakeholders to validate the findings. The authors also collected secondary data from the Internet, including the website of HarvestH2o, publicly available information from the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) website, and other associations such as those serving manufacturers and suppliers.

The Full 50+ Page Report Includes:

  • Summary
  • Business Growth
  • Market Size by Value
  • Market Size by Sector
  • Market Revenue Projection *
  • Types of Tanks *
  • Markets Serviced by Rainwater Harvesting Businesses
  • System Costs *
    • Above Ground
    • Below Ground
  • Installation Cost*
  • Rainwater Professionals by Type *
  • Licenses and Certifications *
  • Preferred Components *
  • Distribution of Rainwater Businesses
  • Channels of Distribution *
  • Marketing Programs*
  • Seasonal and Environmental Factors*
  • Key Conclusions *

Also available is a 25+ page Summary Report for businesses and individuals that are interested in the overall market growth, but not necessarily the detailed product, brand and marketing preferences included in the Full Report.

* Not included in Summary Report

A few of the companies interviewed for this report include:

  • American Tank Co., Inc.Austin Green Water
  • BRAE Rainwater Harvesting Systems (Blue Ridge Atlantic Enterprises)
  • Cedar Run Landscapes
  • Innovative Water Solutions
  • Lakota Water Company
  • Mountain & Mesa Construction
  • Nature's Tap
  • Raindrop Cisterns
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Inc.
  • Rainwater Management Solutions
  • Stark Enterprises, LLC
  • The RainCatcher, Inc.
  • The Tank Depot
  • Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions

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